About Me – Princess Nyla

About Me

I won’t be the first and i am definitely not going to be the last mummy in Dubai doing a blog about all things their baby.

My mother always told me/tells me i would of made a really good journalist because i was good at writing stories etc but i never followed it through. Too many distractions as a teenager…i.e. going out clubbing and anything social.

I have definitely done my fair share of partying and so being the first in my friends out here in Dubai to become a mum has been a major shock to the system but completely in a good way.

As i approach my 35th birthday in September as a mummy i am sure between then and now a lot of firsts will happen as i embark on my journey as Princess Nyla’s mummy. So i wanted to create a place that i can write about things and places i have found along the way to help other mums that will be starting out their journey in the sand pit as a first time mum.

Nyla is soon to be 3 months old and already a little character. There is so much information out there and Do’s and Don’t’s it can be overwhelming. So i just want to share the things i feel are right for me and Princess Nyla and hopefully for other mums too.

Finding the time while Princess Nyla takes one of many naps is going to be my time to get writing. I hope you enjoy the topics i cover and information i bring to the page.

Your feedback is massively encouraged.


Zoe & Princess Nyla